Benefits Of Carrying A Water Bottle

Benefits Of Carrying A Water Bottle

Benefits Of Carrying A Water Bottle Always

  • Convenience,
  • utility and style statements,
  • However, are not the only benefits that carrying a bottle accords you. It helps maintain your health by allowing you to stay adequately hydrated throughout the day.

Having your own reusable bottle, whether it’s a stainless steel bottle, plastic bottle or glass bottle, is much better than buying bottled water from a store.There is no evidence whatsoever to show that bottled water is any healthier or better than filtered tap water. Whether it’s plain old mineral water or premium natural Himalayan spring water allegedly collected at the source.

       The plastic that is used in the manufacture of bottled water is lower grade than the plastic used in a reusable bottle. It is also flimsier than a reusable bottle and therefore less durable. The lower quality also means that harmful chemicals from the plastic can slowly leech into the water and end up being ingested. Bottled water, again, far from being safer than filtered tap water, has also been shown to contain significant amounts of micro-plastics.



  • Having your own water bottle is also good for the environment. Bottled water companies use up large amounts of water which sometimes leads to environmental issues around the factory, causing water shortages and damaging the local ecosystem. It takes 3 times the amount of water that a water bottle holds, just to manufacture that bottle! This is a huge and unnecessary wastage of water. However, this is the smaller issue with bottled water. The fossil fuels used in producing and transporting the bottles are far more damaging and of course contribute to air pollution. It takes hundreds of times more energy to produce bottled water than to produce tap water. And while these bottles are supposed to be recyclable, in practice, most will just be thrown away and end up in a landfill somewhere or lead to more pollution. You can eliminate this unnecessary wastage of plastic and damage to the environment by carrying your own water bottle. So,buying your own waterbottle can directly contribute to saving the environment.


  • Ecological reasons and pollution aside, bottled water, whatever kind it may be, is very expensive. I think it’s safe to say that as a consumer, we all want to save money and reduce unnecessary expenditures as much as possible. It can cost hundreds or thousands of times more than tap water! And all that with no real discernible benefits over regular tap water. It has one of the highest profit margins of any product. So why spend so much money buying bottled water regularly, when you can just invest in a good water bottle that can last years, potentially a lifetime in the case of steel water bottles.


I won’t tell you that merely buying a bottle and shunning disposables is a magic bullet to our environmental problems or our endeavours in maintaining our health. The takeaway here for us is an important lesson though. Like most things in your life, no one step is going to radically change everything. Change is often small and incremental. It adds up. Whether it’s about the environment, maintaining your health, or just upping that style factor, every little bit helps.

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